Time is money. Fundraising takes time.

Fundraising has been around since the beginning of time…seriously. Everyday you are asked by someone to purchase what they are offering, which actually is fundraising. It’s also sales. Fundraising has always been around, but it’s now evolving into a platform for the millennials…we all need to get onboard.

linkedinWhen most people think of fundraising, they think of phone calls or receiving a letter in the mail. This has truly been the most common way of fundraising for years, and could still be considered as the main way to ask for support. However, the trend for a more streamlined approach to fundraising is being asked for and companies need to get onboard quickly before they become nonexistent. The new generation is so engrained in social media and other electronic platforms, they want to use a platform for fundraising that takes minutes and answers all of their needs in one process.

People, all people, these days are running out of the most valuable item…time. Time has never been on one’s side, but facebooknow more than ever people lose time because of everything they need to handle in one day. This is exactly why fundraising needs to evolve into a platform that includes all avenues for connecting to someone’s network. I even believe that this includes mail…for right now. The emphasis needs to be on social media, emails, texts, and any other electronic platforms. These formats allow your volunteers to do their fundraising in an environment that they are comfortable living in and using on a daily basis.

The next time you plan your fundraiser or how you are going to fundraise, keep time in mind. Time should be the most important aspect of how, when, where, and why you fundraise. Your organization, volunteers, and donors will appreciate it!

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