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The Connection Between Music and Leadership Skills

Children in Choir Developing Leadership Skills

Music has been shown to positively impact children’s development. Can it help them develop leadership skills too?

Some children are just natural-born leaders. These kinds of children have their own motivations that other children gravitate towards. However, anyone can become a leader if they put in the effort and are put in the right situation. Parents can help in this regard. Can getting your kids involved in a music program help them build leadership skills?

What Makes a Leader

While many people think of extroverted, type A personalities as leaders, research has shown that people on the quieter, more introverted side can also exhibit powerful leadership traits.  The will to become a leader is more about the desire to actually become one than having some innate quality that you are born with. So parents who give their children the opportunities to lead through activities they are interested in will see this quality grow in them. Nearly every task in a child’s life has the ability to impart leadership skills on them, but team activities have the best potential. So how does music fit into all of this?

Why Music?

It has been shown that listening to certain styles of classical music could possibly improve a student’s study skills, but what about growing their leadership skills? It’s a little bit shakier, but research concludes that it has an impact on how kids develop. This is due to the parts of the brain that music can stimulate – namely, the parts that aid in self-reflection and motivation.

The link is much more solid when talking about getting your children actively involved in making music, either through the orchestra, band, or choir. The tasks of a musician, such as learning a difficult piece of music, performing in front of an audience, or imprinting a personal style on a famous piece, all have the potential to build up confidence in children and lead them to develop better leadership skills.

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