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How Music Lessons Can Benefit Your Child

How Music Lessons Can Benefit Your Child

Music lessons can do wonders for your child!

Music lessons are one of the best ways to foster a sense of creativity in your children and enhance their learning skills. While they might not always sound pretty, music lessons are an excellent tool for learning, growing, and blossoming into a talented and confident adult. How can music lessons benefit your child? (more…)

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3 Tips to Foster a Love of Reading in your Child

Fostering a Love of Reading

Fostering a love of reading in your child will pay dividends their whole life long.

Reading is the gateway to endless worlds and characters. Your child’s imagination can be stimulated by a great book, and fostering a love of reading leads to a love of learning and knowledge. But parents know how challenging it can be sometimes to stoke and encourage that love, especially with the prevalence and saturation of technology in their daily lives and subsequent difficulty in getting them to focus. Try these tips to help foster a true love of reading in your child. (more…)

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The Connection Between Music and Leadership Skills

Children in Choir Developing Leadership Skills

Music has been shown to positively impact children’s development. Can it help them develop leadership skills too?

Some children are just natural-born leaders. These kinds of children have their own motivations that other children gravitate towards. However, anyone can become a leader if they put in the effort and are put in the right situation. Parents can help in this regard. Can getting your kids involved in a music program help them build leadership skills? (more…)

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Ways to Foster Gratitude in Your Children


Spending quality time with your child is one of the ways you can foster a sense of gratitude in them.

Thanksgiving is next week, and while most people tend to celebrate having a day off from work, this obscures the true meaning of the holiday. We celebrate Thanksgiving as a way to contemplate our own sense of gratitude. Gratitude is very important in the fundraising world and a quality that is sometimes difficult to impart on children. Gratitude is born out of a loving connection between two people, and yet it is difficult to fully explain to children. Here are some ways you can foster a sense of gratitude with them. (more…)

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Can Video Games Help Your Child Learn?


video games, learning

How can video games help your child to learn and grow?

Video games have been demonized for a long time for a wide variety of reasons. However, before you write them off entirely, you may want to consider the video games actually have a few ways of benefiting your child’s development and skill sets. Would you like to learn more about how? Let’s take a look together. (more…)

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