Middle School Fundraising

Middle school students on computersMiddle school fundraising can be extremely time consuming and confusing, but Challenge4Kids can help change that feeling. Our team at C4K and Claire’s Gourmet has been helping middle schools plan and manage fundraisers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region since 1969, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Within minutes your parents can be done with their fundraising, and your students will be learning the core principles of the #1 leadership skill enhancement company in the world

Dale Carnegie Training

Leadership at C4K has been assisting middle schools raise money for over four decades. We bring a unique set of skills from across a multitude of backgrounds. Our team consists of former teachers and school administrators, a former Director of Advancement, sales reps, and accountants. That type of experience allows us to build a successful fundraiser for middle schools due to the knowledge of what excites students and their parents when it comes to why they should take part in the fundraiser.

Students will be excited to be part of C4K, but they want to earn some great rewards. At C4K, we will customize your incentive program to include items such as sporting equipment, the hottest technology gadgets, cash, and much more. We will also create all communications for your fundraiser and include your unique incentive information so that every member of your school community will be excited to help raise funds for your middle school.

Incentives might work for students, but parents want a reason to be involved. At C4K, we provide the #1 reason in fundraising to be involved. Students are learning the core principles of Dale Carnegie Training…positive attitude, effective communication, development of people skills, and leadership. Parents need to take 5 minutes and register their child. During that registration they can promote the fundraiser to their entire network through our unique online registration. What parent wouldn’t want to promote their child’s leadership development?!

So how do you keep track of all of the fundraising activity? Very easily. We provide one of the most unique dashboards for the school, parent, and student. Each group will be able to see real time “live” activity for their fundraiser from the C4K website. Our system even keeps track of all information for enhancement of your school’s own database. Contact us today to find out how C4K can help build leaders of tomorrow, today…and help raise funds at the same time!


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