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Indoor Activities You Can Try This Winter

Indoor Activities You Can Try This Winter

There is no reason why your child can’t have fun indoors this winter season!

The winter cold brings all outdoor activities to an end, but children still want to be engaged and find ways to have fun. Indoor activities that are fun but still contribute to child development are essential at this time of year. Here are some ways to keep children engaged during the winter.

Online Learning

Your children are home for the weekend, and it’s too cold to play outside, or school has been canceled for a snow day; you can turn your living room into a classroom with online learning. There are many free websites that have learning-based games, interactive videos, and other classroom activities that will keep them engaged while learning. You can start with games to get the wiggles out and follow it up with math or reading lessons.

Classic Games

There are many games that you probably played during your childhood that children will still find fun and exciting today. They don’t require a lot of running and jumping, which makes them perfect for indoor activities.

  • Four Corners — Assign a number to each of the four corners in a room. One child will stand in the middle to be “it.” They’ll close their eyes and count to 10, then choose a number between one and four. The child in the corner of the number that was called will then have to take a seat.
  • Charades — Children will think of any noun that comes to their mind and then have to write it on a piece of paper. They will then choose a word from the pile to act out, for the other children to try and guess.  
  • Board games — Classic board games provide the opportunity for children to learn strategy and teamwork.

Arts and Crafts

Gather up all the art supplies in the house and lay them out o the table. Allow their imaginations to run wild by creating anything that they’d like; a portrait, landscape, or even a sculpture. Give them a theme related to a topic they’ve been learning about in school to bring it back to their education.  


Physical movement will help children release a lot of their energy, and yoga will teach them some healthy ways to stay flexible and strong. It’s also a physical activity and doesn’t require any running or jumping.

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