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elementary school children at desksAn elementary school direct donation fundraiser should be impactful, stress-free, and–most importantly–profitable! Challenge4Kids was created in 2014 by management at Claire’s Gourmet to assist with everything you need to have for a successful direct donation fundraiser.  From a reason to sponsor – children will learn leadership skills by Dale Carnegie Training – to an online platform that includes social media, email tools, letter mailings, and much more.  We provide everything you need to promote, run, and manage the success of your fundraiser.  All you need to do is have your parents register their child, so they can ask their personal network to sponsor their child as they learn about a positive attitude, effective communication, development of people skills, and leadership.

Claire’s Gourmet has been a one-stop-shop for elementary school and Pre-K fundraiser needs since 1969, and we bring that experience to the C4K brand. No matter the size of your elementary school, we can assist with everything from beginning to end.  Plus, we offer a great incentive program so that students and the community will be rewarded with awesome prizes that they can’t resist. From our headquarters in Baltimore, MD, we offer fundraising for schools across the Mid-Atlantic, including Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Streamlined fundraising with a reason to donate

C4K is the next generation fundraiser.  When you choose C4K for your elementary school fundraiser, you begin the process of enhancing your school environment by bringing leadership skills to fundraising and a development office to your school. Why is that?  That’s because our program impacts the student’s life by bringing them leadership skills from a 100+ year old company and then it helps the school by providing our online platform for fundraising management.

Fundraising can be a tiring and time intensive process for parents, teachers, and school administrators.  From providing a reason for sponsors to donate to creating all the materials to collecting the funds, most schools want a streamlined program that can benefit their students and school.  That’s why we offer an all-inclusive online fundraising program that makes fundraising easy by providing a reason to sponsor of… “will you sponsor Johnny at XYZ school as he learns Dale Carnegie Training’s core principles of positive attitude, effective communication, development of people skills, and leadership.  Click here to sponsor Johnny.”

Your fundraiser needs to have incentives that are attractive to all involved

C4K provides one of the top incentive programs for fundraising!  We offer technology, sports equipment, cash, and much more for the students.  One of the best incentives we offer is the ability to provide Dale Carnegie Training classes to your students, sponsors, and teachers.  These should be used in partnership with other incentives such as pizza or ice cream parties, out of uniform passes, or even principal for the day.  The experts at C4K can assist with creating your most successful fundraiser to date while incorporating incentives that will get more people to sponsor your organization!


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