Daycare and Preschool Fundraising

student and teacher coloringDaycares can fundraise for a multitude of reasons. Some might want to build a new playground, buy more books, or cover the cost of a field trip. There are many topics to cover when planning a fundraiser. That’s why Challenge4Kids can help streamline the fundraising process by providing an online fundraising program which brings core leadership principles to a young child through an animated series. Parents are asked to connect with their social network through our website asking for friends, family, and other contacts to sponsor their child. Preschools and daycares use C4K for the simplicity and success rate of our program.

Our partner and founding company, Claire’s Gourmet, has been providing exceptional fundraising support for daycares, schools, sports teams, and more for over 40 years. From our headquarters in Baltimore, MD, we support daycare fundraisers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Streamlined leadership program for Daycare Fundraising

At this age, parents are the most likely person leading the fundraising efforts. This is why C4K created a simple 5 minute / 5 step fundraising program. Parents will need to register their child on the C4K website, and use our simple management tools to promote and connect their fundraiser with their social network. Since most of these parents have never been involved in fundraising (unless they have children in elementary school or middle school) our program is as simple as it comes in regards to fundraising registration. Our program provides all needed marketing materials that parents will need to have a successful fundraiser. We need you to oversee the fundraising program by logging in and reviewing the data on your personal dashboard. This dashboard will show you the activity in regards to registration, donations, and sponsors. What else could you ask for?

Streamlined fundraising. Building blocks for leadership

Successful daycare fundraisers can only be successful if everyone is excited to be involved with the fundraiser. C4K builds excitement through the incentives program and the animated leadership series for the children. Our excitement comes from the opportunity to work with the future leaders of tomorrow at such a young age, and provide them with the basic tools that leaders need no matter the age. We realize how busy parents and daycare directors are during the day and after work, so that’s why we have built the most streamlined fundraising program around. Let us show you how we can assist your fundraising efforts by providing a program that highlights the building blocks of leadership!


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