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4 Ways To Get Your Child Involved In Sports

4 Ways To Get Your Child Involved In Sports

Show your child how much fun sports can be!

Sports can be a great outlet for children. Your child does not need to be the next great track star or eventually become a future college quarterback, but they should at least be exposed to a few sports at a young age. If nothing else, it is a great way for kids to make friends, get some exercise, and have fun. If you are looking to get your child involved in sports, these are 5 ways to do so. (more…)

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5 Tips To Help Children Develop Healthy Habits

5 Tips To Help Children Develop Healthy Habits

Help your child develop the healthy habits they need.

Children are very impressionable. It is in your child’s best interest to develop healthy living habits at an early age. These habits will send your child in the right direction as he or she grows older. Here are some healthy habits that you will want your children to pick up on. (more…)

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3 Tips to Foster a Love of Reading in your Child

Fostering a Love of Reading

Fostering a love of reading in your child will pay dividends their whole life long.

Reading is the gateway to endless worlds and characters. Your child’s imagination can be stimulated by a great book, and fostering a love of reading leads to a love of learning and knowledge. But parents know how challenging it can be sometimes to stoke and encourage that love, especially with the prevalence and saturation of technology in their daily lives and subsequent difficulty in getting them to focus. Try these tips to help foster a true love of reading in your child. (more…)

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4 Fun Indoor Activities to Do With Your Kids This Winter

winter indoor activities

When it’s too cold outside to play, engage your children with some fun indoor activities!

Winter breaks and snow days will be coming up quicker than you think! You know how quickly the kids will declare “I’m bored” if they’re cooped up in the house for too long. Encouraging them to play outside in the snow is great, but you should also think up some indoor activities for them to do as well if the snow is too much or the weather is too cold. Here we have 4 fun, creative activities that you can do with your children inside this winter. (more…)

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Ways to Foster Gratitude in Your Children


Spending quality time with your child is one of the ways you can foster a sense of gratitude in them.

Thanksgiving is next week, and while most people tend to celebrate having a day off from work, this obscures the true meaning of the holiday. We celebrate Thanksgiving as a way to contemplate our own sense of gratitude. Gratitude is very important in the fundraising world and a quality that is sometimes difficult to impart on children. Gratitude is born out of a loving connection between two people, and yet it is difficult to fully explain to children. Here are some ways you can foster a sense of gratitude with them. (more…)

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5 Tips to Keep Your Children Healthy this Fall


Keep your kids healthy this fall with some helpful tips!

The weather is changing and school is in full swing. It is autumn! Keeping your children engaged with healthy habits in the fall can be challenging, especially with the weather getting cooler by the day. What are some ways you can keep your children healthy this fall so they can feel good and achieve success? Here are 5 ways you can help them out. (more…)

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Stimulate your Child’s Creativity!


Kids are naturally inquisitive and you can help them develop their creativity!

Today’s culture does not lend itself well to stimulating children’s creativity. Movies, TV, and video games all take place in a predefined universe. While they can do some good in moderation, children are more often overindulging and this is having a negative impact on their creativity. Today we are going to explore ways you can foster your child’s natural sense of wonder. The future will belong to those who can get creative in order to solve problems, so let’s get your child started today! (more…)

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Support Your Child’s Passions


Supporting your child’s passions can lead them to enjoy greater success!

When you care about a task, it is easier and more enjoyable to accomplish. Rather than trying to force a child who loves math to read more, you can give your child access to more numerically based materials. Ignite their passion and watch as they cultivate a love for learning. Today we’re going to be talking about how your child’s passions are going to lead to your child’s strengths and what that means for their weaker subjects. Let’s take a look. (more…)

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