A Healthy Body Leads to a Healthy Mind



Fitness can be fun!

Making sure that your child is learning good habits is one of the challenges of being a parent.  It can be hard to ensure that your child is staying active, but if you lay a strong foundation, then they are sure to carry their fitness into their adult life. Today we’re going to be talking about how you can help your kid learn to love fitness. Ready to get going? Let’s do this!

Make fitness fun.

Leaving the house to go for a run or a bike ride can seem like a challenge on hot days, but there is a lot of fun to be had outside of the house! Not only can you catch your favorite Pokémon with Pokémon Go, but you can also dive into a new historic location with your child. You could learn about a new place or check out a new ice cream shop. The important thing is that you’re stepping out of the house and hitting the pavement together. Not only are you getting active with your child, but you’re also bonding and having fun!

A healthy body can be found in sports.

Socialization is a very important part of being a child. Making sure that your child is staying active is easy when they enroll in a sports team. Soccer, football, tennis, swimming, wrestling, basketball, or even ping pong can all be amazing ways to get some active time in while having fun with new friends. What is important, is that your child is active. It really doesn’t matter how they do it, so long as they do it. Using the fun of socializing is often a wonderful incentive for children of all ages. Not to mention the fact that team sports will help them to build leadership skills!

Challenge 4 Kids Can Help Your Kids Achieve Fundraising Success!

Challenge 4 Kids is a dynamic program aiming to support the schools that provide the educational foundation every child needs today and shape young people into the leaders and movers-and-shakers of tomorrow. We utilize L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Effective Communications, Attitude, and Development of People Skills) principles to help your kids grow as individuals and fundraise for your school. To learn more about how we can help your school and your child achieve fundraising success, contact us online or give us a call at (443) 429-4356. To get more fun ideas for your family and fundraising, follow us on TwitterFacebookLinkedInYouTubeGoogle+, and Pinterest!

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