5 Ways to Help Your Children Stay Focused

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Keeping your child focused on their school work can be tough in the modern age. Learn some tips here!

School has been back in session for a few months now and your children should be hitting their stride and settling into a routine with their schoolwork. It can be challenging, however, for them to stay focused on their tasks. The modern world offers many distractions which can combine with increasing amounts of homework to create a disastrous situation. As a parent, you can do a lot to support and help your children stay focused on their schoolwork and create an environment where they can succeed.

1. Get Up and Move

One of the best ways to help your child stay focused is by giving them a healthy outlet for their energy. Moving the body helps wake up the brain. Encourage your child to play after school, either with friends or on a sports team, or have them do some chores around the house before sitting down to tackle homework.

2. Anti-Screen Zone

Screens of all types are the biggest challenge for kids, their creativity, and their levels of focus. The television should always be off if your child needs to concentrate, or move them to a room where they can’t be distracted by it. Also, they should not have access to a computer or cell phone while completing their work.

3. Make a List

Homework assignments and chores can be overwhelming for some kids. If your school gives children planners to write down their assignments, encourage your children to use them properly to help them stay organized. Then let them cross out tasks as they are completed.

4. Gestures and Communication

Avoid having conversations with your child when they are working so they can better stay focused. You can work out some nonverbal gestures that you can use to communicate with them. Sometimes simply laying a hand on your child’s shoulder is enough to bring them back into focus.

5. Take breaks!

Give your children some resting moments as they complete their homework. Depending on their age, anywhere between 10-20 minutes of work should lead to a break of a few minutes. Let them get up and stretch, grab a snack or a drink, and then get back to work!

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