3 Ways Children Develop to Be Leaders

Developing Leaders

Developing children into leaders is all about teaching them critical thinking and resilience.

Parents and teachers all hope that children learn to live a successful and creative life. It can be frustrating sometimes to see these children rely on others to solve problems or make critical decisions. Unwittingly, however, parents and educators fail to help their children develop to be leaders. Often this is due to our wish for our children to lead trouble-free, painless lives. Of course, this sort of ideal is next to impossible, but we can utilize this knowledge to help our children develop the traits necessary to be good leaders. Here are three ways we can do so.

1. Developing Resilience

One of the most important leadership qualities children will learn is the ability to endure through failure and periods of hardship. The pain of life is something all of us have to come to grips with at some point. And, unfortunately, life experience is the only way we ever learn how to cope with it. It isn’t something we can learn in a book or a movie. However, you can help your children become more resilient. Teach them how to recognize their emotions and express them, rather than packing them away inside them. Where a child feels understood, their negative emotions become less overwhelming and they are able to focus on positive outcomes.

2. Developing Problem Solving Skills

A good leader is able to empower themselves to think critically and solve everyday problems. Help your children learn to reason through their decision making when solving problems instead of giving them the right answer all of the time. Providing quick fixes teaches children to be dependent, not independent. But giving children agency will build their confidence in their ability to deal with whatever life throws at them.

3. Setting Personal Goals

Leaders set goals and live carefully according to them. Goals keep us motivated and moving forward towards things we desire in life. Share your own personal goals with your children and help them develop their own, along with action plans to help them achieve them. The achievement of personal goals will instill in children the value that they are in personal control of their own future.

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