3 Tips for Parents with “Tweens”


Here are some positive tips to be mindful of when trying to be the best possible parent you can be to your tween.

Raising a preteen or “tween,” as they are sometimes called, is an eye-opening experience. With moments of pride to moments of complete confusion and frustration, it is quite an experience to watch the young child you once knew now grow into the person they are becoming. If you are a parent with at least one preteen at home, it is no doubt that you have some questions and concerns when it comes to your child. Here are some positive tips to be mindful of when trying to be the best possible parent you can be to your tween.

Be Open

Open the communication lines between you and your preteen. You want your child to be open and honest with you, so it’s imperative that you model that behavior for your tween. Show your child that you want to share your experiences with him/her, and s/he will feel more willing to share experiences with you. Ask about friends, interests, hobbies. Talk about physical and developmental changes that may be going on. Talking about these kinds of things is the only way to help your child through the difficulties associated late childhood.

Be Clear

While you want to be open and talk with your child about anything, it’s important that you remain firm on what your rules are. The moment you start wavering on what rules are set in place is the moment you start blurring the lines of what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Do not add to your child’s confusion. Set your terms, and be clear about what they are.

Be Encouraging

Encourage your child to take part in everything that they can. Whether it’s at school or through a community organization, being involved with children same age will benefit your child in countless ways. Forming relationships with peers is the absolute best route to self-discovery and self-esteem building. This will also raise more opportunities to talk to your child about friends and projects they are involved with.

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