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5 Reasons Why Children Should Travel

5 Reasons Why Children Should Travel

Expand your child’s horizons and travel with them!

At Challenge4Kids, we often talk about the importance of a diverse and engaging upbringing for children. One of the most important factors in developing a competent and confident child is travel. While travel might seem like an odd thing to focus on when you have a kindergarten student, it pays a major role in child development. Here are five reasons why children should travel. (more…)

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What Can A Child Learn From A Fundraiser?

What Can A Child Learn From A Fundraiser?

A fundraiser is a great way for children to learn people and life skills outside of the classroom.

Raising money for a good cause can be a lot of fun for a child! Many children will get a sense of accomplishment and feel proud of themselves if there can raise some money. Children can learn a lot from participating in a fundraiser. They are an educational endeavor that they can do outside of the classroom. A typical fundraiser requires a lot of planning and preparation. Here are some things a child can learn from participating in a fundraiser! (more…)

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Can Video Games Help Your Child Learn?


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How can video games help your child to learn and grow?

Video games have been demonized for a long time for a wide variety of reasons. However, before you write them off entirely, you may want to consider the video games actually have a few ways of benefiting your child’s development and skill sets. Would you like to learn more about how? Let’s take a look together. (more…)

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