Support Your Child’s Passions


Supporting your child’s passions can lead them to enjoy greater success!

When you care about a task, it is easier and more enjoyable to accomplish. Rather than trying to force a child who loves math to read more, you can give your child access to more numerically based materials. Ignite their passion and watch as they cultivate a love for learning. Today we’re going to be talking about how your child’s passions are going to lead to your child’s strengths and what that means for their weaker subjects. Let’s take a look.

Math and reading are not mutually exclusive.

A child who only enjoys working with numbers may never pick up a book voluntarily. Rather than trying to force them into reading a work of fiction, see if you can spark their interest in a book about math. Though it may be tempting to want your child to work on their weaknesses, you can have them do so without them realizing it. For example, a child who enjoys video games, but hates reading, will end up reading a lot of text just while they’re playing a game. What you need to do is keep track of their stronger and weaker subjects and make sure that the activities they are doing are still supporting those attributes, even if it’s only in an indirect way.

Balance their passion projects with their struggles.

No one likes to struggle all the time and it can be particularly stressful for a child to do so. As you guide your child into becoming a successful person, you should make sure that they are experiencing moments of success along with moments of struggle. Give them plenty of encouragement for each moment they’re left puzzling over something they don’t understand and plenty of praise when they finally get it.

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