Sports Your Child Can Try This Winter

Sports Your Child Can Try This Winter

Take your child ice skating this winter!

Challenge your kids to try new, fun activities this winter. Help them explore some new interests by checking out these winter sports. Child development is all about exploration, learning, and personal growth. What better way to achieve those goals than by checking out these sports.

Ice Skating

Head to your local ice skating rink for a day of fun physical activity on the ice. Your children may even want to invite their friends to try this new activity. They’ll enjoy figuring out how to transfer those rolling skating skills onto the ice. May rinks even have helmets, gloves, and elbow and knee pads for their safety.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Take a trip with your family to the closest ski resort near your home. The kids will love strapping on skis or a snowboard to glide down slopes. They can get started on a small hill, or maybe even take the skis on a cross-country adventure.


A similar activity to sledding, a lot of children enjoy the soft comfort of using a tube to slide down a big, snowy hill. You may even have a nice hill in your neighborhood where your children and their friends can gather for a day of running and tubing. It’s great exercise too as they’ll continuously drag their tubes up the hill to experience the fun of sliding down again. Use an inexpensive inner tube for hours of fun.

Ice Fishing

Fishing season doesn’t have to end when cold weather comes around. Ice fishing is a great way to continue making memories in the winter. Many people who ice fish use heated shelters to stay warm and comfortable while out on the ice. Children can even learn more about your region’s local fish populations.


Probably best known as that winter Olympic sport that not many people understand the rules of, curling is a fun game to play on the ice. Your children will learn the fundamentals of the game and enjoy being able to teach their friends what it’s all about. It’s a physical game that also involves strategy.  

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