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cooperative games

How can cooperative games help your child learn and grow?

Piles of homework, stacks of flashcards, and endless mountains of books surround you and your child during the school year. How can you work your way out from the mountain of academic work your budding student is expected to master and end up with a well-developed child? Playing cooperative games with your kids is a great way to teach social and sharing skills that can’t be taught on a worksheet or in a book. Here are some fun cooperative games to try out around your house!

It’s a Mystery

Children and adults alike love a good mystery. Consider designing a mystery that must be solved as a team to encourage cooperation amongst your kids (and with your spouse!). Give each player a numbered clue. In order to arrive at the solution to the mystery, everyone must work together to determine what the clues mean and what order they should be solved in. You can also set up the mystery like a scavenger hunt, requiring everyone to move from one part of the house to another to find another clue and continue the hunt.

A Shrinking Space

This cooperative game requires a surprising amount of strategy, but will still leave your family giggling at the end. The entire group has to occupy a space as a team that is gradually shrinking as the game progresses, until they are packed into a very small space like sardines. You can use a rope, some yarn, or other household materials to define the boundaries of the space. This game is a great way to get siblings to cooperate and have fun at the same time.

What Would You Do?

Tell your kids and all family members playing this cooperative game that they are going to be stranded on a desert island or be lost at sea for an unknown span of time. Have everyone work together to determine a way to get everyone back to shore safely, or have everyone formulate a list of 10 items that would be most helpful to them in their situation. You can start with everyone making individual lists and then voting and discussing the best options, or have everyone cooperate throughout the game. This game is an excellent way to utilize your child’s imagination and help build valuable critical thinking skills.

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