Leadership Skills are Developed at Home


How are you teaching your children leadership skills?

While some kids are naturals when it comes to leadership, everyone needs some help along the way. Young children need their parent’s support and guidance to truly flourish, and there are ways to help instill leadership qualities in children via parenting. Here are four great parenting tips to help you teach important leadership skills to your little ones.

The Importance Of Setting A Good Example

Your kids look up to you, so nothing is more important than leading by example. By effectively balancing all of your responsibilities, you will provide an excellent example of the right way to handle all of life’s ups and downs.  

Encourage Team Activities

Pay attention to your child’s strengths and weaknesses early on. Take note of what areas interest them and where they excel and encourage them to participate in group activities related to the things they like. Whether this includes gymnastics lessons, being in local kids theater, participating in student government, or playing sports on a team, this will help them develop leadership skills. Knowing how to work with others effectively is key for any future leader.

Teach Them To Handle Success And Failure

No one succeeds all the time. We all have missteps and setbacks. A key part of parenting is teaching children to handle these losses and move forward in a healthy way. One of the most important leadership skills is being able to learn from failures.

Teach Them To Make Decisions

While it may seem easier to make almost all the decisions for your young children, it is actually not doing them any favors. It may even frustrate them. While children can get overwhelmed with the possibility of too many decisions, giving them two or three choices when it comes to small things around the house will help their leadership skills develop in the long run. Give them choices when it comes to their afternoon playtime, what movie they want to watch, and what snacks they want to have. By presenting them with choices they will be better able to weigh options and make decisions.   

Challenge 4 Kids Can Help Your Kids Achieve Success In and Out of the Classroom

Challenge 4 Kids is a dynamic program aiming to support the schools that provide the educational foundation every child needs today and shape young people into the leaders and movers-and-shakers of tomorrow. We utilize L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Effective Communications, Attitude, and Development of People Skills) principles to help your kids grow as individuals and fundraise for your school. To learn more about how we can help your school and your child achieve fundraising success, contact us online or give us a call at (443) 429-4356. To get more fun ideas for your family and fundraising, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest!

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