Keep Summer Fun and Educational with These 3 Parenting Tips



With these simple parenting tips, you can help set the tone for a summer full of memorable family activities.

School’s almost out, which means your kids will be home for the next eight weeks. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or not, you want to ensure that you and your kids have a memorable, safe summer. Summer is meant for kids to have fun, relax, and explore. With these simple parenting tips, you can help set the tone for a summer full of memorable family activities.


Keep Exercise Fun

While summer is the best time to relax, you also need to remind everyone to stay on their fitness A game. This is easy enough to do right in your very own home or neighborhood. Invite your kids to go for a run around the block with you and the dog. Bored during a rainy summer day? Roll out the yoga mats and put an instructional video on your TV. Summer is the best time to engage in active family time.

Engage Body and Mind Simultaneously

Nightly walks around your neighborhood are a great way to spend time with your family while being active too. With the younger ones who are just starting school, try to count things like worms or mailboxes. With older ones, practice spelling vocab words or memorizing multiplication tables. This is a fantastically easy way to keep everyone’s body and brain active!

Encourage Summer Reading

Chances are that your child or children have assigned reading they need to complete before summer’s end. If they are having a hard time staying motivated, offer to let them read to you every night. This is a great way to practice reading skills and gauge where your child is in terms of reading level. For older kids, read the book with them and find time to discuss the book’s themes and motifs. By the time school rolls around, they’ll have a deep understanding of what they read. And you’ll be getting some extra reading in for yourself as well!

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