Grassroots Promotion for Your Next Fundraiser


How can you use grassroots promotion to help your child's fundraiser?

How can you use grassroots promotion to help your child’s fundraiser?

Fundraising through Challenge 4 Kids is an amazing opportunity for your child to learn the leadership skills they need to succeed later in life. We’re going to provide you educational videos, fundraising planning, and the tools you need to create an amazing fundraiser, but here’s what we need from you: Promotion. Without some promotion from you, you may not find the results you’re looking for. That’s why we’re going to give you some awesome tips on grassroots promotion so that your child’s next fundraiser is a huge success. Ready to learn more? Well, let’s get started!

What is grassroots promotion?

Traditionally, grassroots promotion is a form of marketing through word-of-mouth. You tell your friend…who tells their friend…who brings ten people…suddenly you have a huge sponsor base. This method of marketing for your next fundraiser can be very effective, and in this age of social media there is so much more that you can do. You can post statuses on Facebook that will pop up on the news feeds of your friends. You can also create an event page that will let people know the details of your event with cute photos of your kids for a bonus cute factor.

How does grassroots promotion help your next fundraiser?

Grassroots promotion hinges on the strength of personal relationships. We at Challenge 4 Kids can, provide the program and education for fundraising, but no one knows your community like you do. You’re the one who is out there talking to the other parents in the area. You’re the one organizing bake sales and meeting the needs of your children and their friends. The bonds that you have formed are invaluable to the fundraising process, and you can help your child’s fundraiser with them on your side! Remember, by helping your child to raise money for their school, clubs, or sports teams you are giving them amazing leadership skills as well as new resources. Their future can start today using a little grassroots promotion.

Let Challenge 4 Kids Help Your Kids Achieve Fundraising Success!

If you would like to learn more about Challenge 4 Kids, please visit our About page.  If you want to learn more about  Dale Carnegie Training Mid-Atlantic or L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Effective Communications, Attitude, and Development of People Skills), then click here! For more information on keeping fundraising fun and other amazing tips, please visit us on social media!

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