Encouraging Your Child’s Dreams     



How can you help your child achieve their dreams?

Do you remember the dreams you had when you were a kid? Maybe you wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer. Maybe you wanted to be a famous actor or even the president. Ask yourself if the adults in your life worked hard to encourage you and then assess whether or not those dreams were realized. Your child, no doubt, has dreams. You can give your child the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality and here is why you should do it.

Dreams are more important than realities when it comes to success.

Believe it or not, some of the top business consultants believe in the power of dreams. They have seen countless business leaders succeed time and time again using the power of dreams rather than the power of money and resources.  Great companies like Apple, Microsoft, Ford, etc. all have had leaders with visions. Those dreams have shaped the way the company grew, and many of them grew from almost nothing. They had no money, no personnel, no fancy endorsements; they just had a big dream. Those dreams propelled those amazing leaders into the success they now enjoy. Your child could be the next Obama if they start cultivating their ability to dream.

How can you encourage your child’s dreams?

If you can sense that your child has an amazing dream, then you should take the time to show them you value it. Ask them questions about their dreams. Find out what makes them feel excited. Encourage it. No matter how silly your child’s dream may be now, showing them that you support them will help them to keep developing their dreams. Yes, right now your child might want to grow up and be a tiger or a princess, but as they get older, they may change their focus to teacher or police officer. What’s important is that they know how to dream.

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