Dale Carnegie on the Qualities of Excellent Leadership


Dale Carnegie recognized the important qualities of great leadership – your children can benefit from learning these qualities.

Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Training is an excellent way to teach children the foundational principles of people skills and leadership. Carnegie himself recognized the need for leadership training a century ago and developed a curriculum based on the lessons learned from the lives of great leaders in history. He published How to Win Friends and Influence People in 1936, which is a collection of his core teachings and has been immensely popular ever since. Here are some of the qualities Dale Carnegie recognized in great leadership.

Easing into Criticism

Leaders point out when team members don’t meet expectations or need to be disciplined, but great leaders do it gracefully and don’t plant seeds of resentment. This is often done using a “positive-negative-positive” approach, where a leader eases into criticism by offering positive appraisals before and after the criticism is made.

Recognizing their Own Shortcomings

Carnegie wrote that the best leaders don’t make themselves out to be perfect. Rather, they admit to their own mistakes, helping others convince themselves that changing their own behavior is possible.

Using Suggestions Rather than Direct Orders

The industrialist Owen D. Young, Carnegie learned, would lead his subordinates along with suggestions rather than give them direct commands. This gave them a chance to do things themselves and learn from their own mistakes. Giving subordinates agency in their actions is a valuable quality of excellent leadership.

Expecting Excellence

Great leaders earn the respect of their followers and can get them to improve when they fail without expending too much effort. When they want someone to improve in a certain aspect, they often act as though that trait is already one of their strengths.

Respecting the Dignity of Others

If a leader must give a subordinate a demotion or fire them, they do so while recognizing the dignity of that person. They do not humiliate others. They also instill passion into their followers, such that they would do anything for the leader.

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