Dale Carnegie on the Qualities of Excellent Leadership


Dale Carnegie recognized the important qualities of great leadership – your children can benefit from learning these qualities.

Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Training is an excellent way to teach children the foundational principles of people skills and leadership. Carnegie himself recognized the need for leadership training a century ago and developed a curriculum based on the lessons learned from the lives of great leaders in history. He published How to Win Friends and Influence People in 1936, which is a collection of his core teachings and has been immensely popular ever since. Here are some of the qualities Dale Carnegie recognized in great leadership. (more…)

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What Do Children Learn from Fundraising?


Fundraising offers a unique opportunity to learn lessons they will take with them for life!

When you launch a fundraiser for a school or youth group, you probably have an idea of how it will benefit the group. You may have goals to help pay for new equipment or to send kids on a field trip to enhance their education. But have you ever considered what children learn from taking part in a fundraiser? Fundraisers offer many benefits and provide unique learning opportunities for the kids who take part in them. (more…)

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5 Tips to Keep Your Children Healthy this Fall


Keep your kids healthy this fall with some helpful tips!

The weather is changing and school is in full swing. It is autumn! Keeping your children engaged with healthy habits in the fall can be challenging, especially with the weather getting cooler by the day. What are some ways you can keep your children healthy this fall so they can feel good and achieve success? Here are 5 ways you can help them out. (more…)

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Stimulate your Child’s Creativity!


Kids are naturally inquisitive and you can help them develop their creativity!

Today’s culture does not lend itself well to stimulating children’s creativity. Movies, TV, and video games all take place in a predefined universe. While they can do some good in moderation, children are more often overindulging and this is having a negative impact on their creativity. Today we are going to explore ways you can foster your child’s natural sense of wonder. The future will belong to those who can get creative in order to solve problems, so let’s get your child started today! (more…)

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Effects of Learning a Second Language on Kids

second language

Learning a second language can open your child to new ideas and help them in their other subjects!

Today it seems more and more children are studying abroad and traveling around the world. The connectivity of the internet has also brought foreign ideas and cultures right to our fingertips. There may be no better way to prepare your child for living in a global society than by having them learn a second language. In addition, learning a second language confers many benefits to the developing brain, and may help your child achieve success in other subject areas. (more…)

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Support Your Child’s Passions


Supporting your child’s passions can lead them to enjoy greater success!

When you care about a task, it is easier and more enjoyable to accomplish. Rather than trying to force a child who loves math to read more, you can give your child access to more numerically based materials. Ignite their passion and watch as they cultivate a love for learning. Today we’re going to be talking about how your child’s passions are going to lead to your child’s strengths and what that means for their weaker subjects. Let’s take a look. (more…)

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Creating a Successful Fundraiser



How can you make sure your fundraising efforts are optimized?

Fundraisers can be extremely stressful, even though fun is included in their name. Many schools and organizations rely on successful fundraisers to pay for programs, supplies, and events that budget funds can’t pay for. Without fundraising, many schools would suffer a great deal! How can you ensure that your school or business fundraiser is successful? Here are some quick tips to get you started. (more…)

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Let Music Unlock your Child’s Future



How can your child benefit from the joy of music?

Music is a wonderful form of expression that will give your child a whole new world of skills to help them achieve their dreams. There are several options that your child could engage with from singing to playing an instrument. Today we’re going to be talking about the things that make music such a valuable addition to your kid’s development. Let’s take a look. (more…)

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Support Your Child’s Math Skills


math skills, math

Is your child struggling with their math skills?

The first week of school is here (or has already begun) for your little student. As they come trudging home from the bus stop with a backpack full of books, writing assignments, and math homework, how can you best support their math skills and help them flourish inside and outside of the classroom? Nowadays, math homework has changed from the simple addition and subtraction methods of your youth to more complicated systems designed to eliminate confusion for children. Here are some tips to stop the screaming and start the subtraction! (more…)

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Put the Fun in Fundraising with These Tips!


Fundraising can be fun if you spice it up a bit.

You are currently making sure that you bought enough glue sticks and composition books to last the entire school year while your daughter is worrying whether or not she will get the Disney backpack she wants. Counting glue sticks is a sure sign that one thing is on the horizon—back to school! With the back to school season comes exciting new teachers, a wealth of new knowledge for your little one, and fundraising. While some children love the process of fundraising and the fun rewards that come with it, others need a little more encouragement. Here are a variety of tips to put the fun back in fundraising. (more…)

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