5 Ways to Spark Your Child’s Creativity

5 Ways to Spark Your Child’s Creativity

Sometimes, children need some help triggering their imagination.

Children have a reputation for being natural explorers with vivid imaginations. However, there are still ways that you can spark your child’s creativity. Keep them thinking and active with these five suggestions.

Minimize TV Time

Although there are many educational programs available for children to watch that foster child development, the amount of time they spend staring at a screen should still be monitored. Keep the kids on a schedule for television so that they can spend more time being creative and doing activities that get them moving and challenge their developing skills.

Bring More Art Home

Create a home that fosters creativity in the home. Stock up on art supplies and hang colorful art pieces up in their rooms and play spaces. Encourage your children to create their own pieces of art or build their own sculptures. You can even visit a museum that not only teaches some history but will inspire their creative processes.

Incorporate More Reading

Words inspire just as much imagination as pictures. Even books without pictures tell vivid stories that will help get children thinking about what they can create. They might even decide to write their own stories or create a book that they’ll share with their family and friends.

Encourage Play

Playing is a foundational activity for creativity. Costumes, masks, and toys will help children create their own little world where they make the rules and get to live out their dreams. While playing, they often strategize, organize, and create brilliant businesses, communities, and even homes.

Get Involved

Your kids will get a kick out of watching you get silly with them. It will show them that they have the freedom to be themselves and that you encourage their creative expression. Set up the painting station and show them how you get creative as well.  

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