5 Important Life Skills

5 Important Life Skills

Can your child complete these tasks?

Practical life skills are extremely important for child development. These lessons will help your children become a well-rounded teenager. Start with these five lessons to give your child a great, practical foundation. 

Doing Their Laundry

Doing the laundry is an important skill that children will use throughout their life; especially in college. It’s a great idea to teach your child how to maintain the look and freshness of their clothes while you’re still there to help. Once they reach college, this is a task they should know how to do on their own. Teach them your techniques for measuring detergent, separating colors, and selecting the right settings.


How to plant a seed is a lesson that a lot of children learn in grade school, but rarely come back to as they get older. Learning how to plant is important, but then understanding how to transfer those sprouts from the pot into their garden is the next important step. This lesson will help them live healthier lifestyles and even save some money by maintaining their own vegetable and herb gardens.

Gift Wrapping

Although it may not seem like a very important life lesson, knowing how to wrap a gift goes a long way in expressing care and thoughtfulness. Help your children understand and be able to identify the right size to cut wrapping paper for the gift that they’re wrapping and the correct ways to fold and tape it.

Using a Hammer

Understanding the correct way to hold a hammer and use it on a nail will ensure their safety and keep them from getting hurt. Using a hammer and nail will be a life skill that they’ll use several times over in their own apartments and homes. Start with a seven- or nine-ounce hammer and choose nails that have wide heads. Use a piece of cardboard or wood to teach this lesson.

Addressing a Letter

It might seem like an obsolete skill but understanding how to address and write a letter may be something that they’ll need to use in the future. It will come in handy for sending holiday and birthday cards.

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