4 Positive Ways to Motivate Your Kids

Convincing your children to do anything is difficult enough. Convincing them to do the things they already don’t want to do is even trickier.


Be the best parent you can be by finding positive ways to motivate your children without overdoing rewards or being too tough.

These easy, positive, nag-free tips will help you find ways to motivate your kids and still be on their good side.

Rethink Rewards

Especially-clever kids can work their way around any reward system. Recent scientific studies have also shown that the positive effects of rewards are often short-lived and not nearly as meaningful as parents might think. Reward systems can serve you well if you understand that they will be short-term only. It’s hard for parents, especially those with multiple children, to keep up the reward system. Once the rewards stop, so does the learned behavior. Keep it simple with positive motivators like encouraging speech rather than candy or toys.

Make Moments Meaningful

Your child is only a child for so long, and you want the conversations you have with them to make a positive impact. Meaningful conversations are a great way to motivate your kids. After they’ve cleaned their rooms, point out how good it looks and how proud they should feel about themselves. Show them that what really matters is a sense of accomplishment through all their hard work. Make the most tedious of everyday tasks worth it by talking to them about the importance of responsibility and embracing what it means to grow up.

Set the Example

You, as your child’s parent, are the ultimate example. Everything that you do, they will emulate, especially as they get older. Consider how you talk to others, whether it’s on the phone or in person. You set the most highly regarded example in your child’s life, so be sure to set the bar high. Any mistakes you make, your child is watching. And, of course, you’re human. You’re destined to make mistakes and learn from them. However, it is absolutely necessary that you explain that to your children. Showing them that you learn through failure, even as an adult, is a great motivation tool.

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